Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh yeah, I moved to Astoria

Now I live in Astoria.

How is it?

Well, I'm posting on a Friday night.

I say this as if it were different when I was living in Manhattan. I'm a homebody and staying in on a Friday night is pretty much my M.O. (even though my friend just invited me to the KFed cd release party - I wish I wasn't such a loser, I'd go just to observe). But back to me being lazy: Especially lately. I've been way too busy at work. So busy in fact that I haven't even officially realized that I moved yet. I just kinda sleep at a new place now and save $700 month. "Sleep" is the operative word here. I don't think I had one single night of good sleep in Manhattan thanks to firetrucks, drunks on the street yelling crap they inevitably regret the next day and random weekend morning parades.

The tradeoff is that Queens is really ugly. It's stuck in the eighties, identity crisis style. But, just like cruising around with an ugly friend will often do, having this place as my background makes me look a whole hell of a lot sexier. This is a fact not to be overlooked.

My new place is actually pretty cool. I now live with the Skeeze and a Brazilian girl. She doesn't speak English so we just sit around and stare at eachother. Well, that's not exactly true either. She speaks Portuguese, which I oddly understand a bit of. I respond in my broken Spanish and then we both stare at the Skeeze who translates what we didn't get. In other words, I ignore her at all costs. Small talk is not my specialty. Especially small talk in Portuguese.

The commute's about 10 minutes longer and the train usually skips my stop just for the hell of it. I hear there are great restaurants here and I'm excited to explore. My grandma and grandpa used to live in Queens and met at Queens college. I really dig them so it's kind of cool that I get to have this "experience."

Besides that, whatever. It's 10:30 and way past my bed time.


Book Cannibal said...

Curiouser and curiouser... is there something about Astoria that appeals to the Jew/Mormon in us? Because I lived there for four years, and I LOVED it. The only reason I left was to move in w/ my boyfriend, who insisted that giving up his apartment in Chelsea so I could continue my Queens love affair would be insane. I tear up everytime I go to Astoria, because I miss it so much. In fact, I'm gonna hop on the N train RIGHT NOW. Seriously. Is it dorky to wear my N train T-shirt on the actual N train? Who cares. I'm not one to hide my love.

Gigi said...

The weirdest things of all, though...

A) I met your fiance the other day

B) We're going to the same party tonight. Did you know? I'm going with S.B. (who coincidentally introduced me to your fiance who has promised to get my grandmother an autograph from her favorite author).

See you there!

Book Cannibal said...

Um, yes, that is almost disturbing news... I thought I was the one stalking you!? Way to turn the tables.

I'm bummed you missed Beno's party, but it is probably for the best - as SB can attest we all got ludicrously drunk and acted like morons. But we'll meet each other Wednesday night, right?