Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh yeah, I´m out of town.

We took a nap here with a stray dog last night

In answer to:

``Where is GUnit? No blog in over a week, everything okay? Are you on somefancy deserted island w/D and can't get online? I bet that feels nice...ifso:). Anyway, just droppin a sista a line. So here it is______________________________. ``

I´m drunk somewhere in Brazil along with everyone else I know.

I thought I was all cool and exotic until I realized that a bunch of people were down in various parts of South America this week. Some chick from my office is in Argentina, Not Chosen is somewhere down here, my parents are cruising around, some blonde guys from the states were on the bus with us, probably a bunch of other people...

There are quite a few problems with Brazil. For one (and this is a big problem), Smirnoff is the national vodka. Or, as Dave would say, ``Brazil needs a serious vodka face lift.`` He would know being Russian and all. The alternative is sometimes Absolut, which isn´t much of an improvement.

Another problem is that the girls here are seriously over-rated. Brazil must have a great marketing program. I´ll have to expand upon that later though because I´m drunk. Do I think that I´m cool because I´m drunk? Maybe just a bit. The alternative is being sober at work and, well, yes, I think I´m damn cool. So, there.

We´ve heard a lot of propaganda about Brazil being one of the next economic hotspots. I don´t buy it. This is my second time here and I don´t think these people are capable (or intrigued by the idea either).

I´m sunburned and the guy at the computer next to me is picking his nose. A lot more to report when I get back.


Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous...bogger guy and all.


Paige Jennifer said...

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am too learn the women down there aren't all Giselles. Seriously, that, corruption and kidnappings were all that was holding me back from making a trip southward. Have fun and safe travels!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I see you were ok with a guy being stabbed by some angry lesbians for talking to them. I don't think I've ever met someone as cold-hearted and heartless.

Gigi said...

You got that right, anon.

If you read a bit more you'll see that the post was a symbolic one, not a literal one. I don't get too deep on this here blog.