Sunday, January 01, 2006

On dropping my phone in the toilet.

I mentioned earlier that I dropped my phone in the toilet.
Here's a letter I got from a friend after doing so. I've always loved this letter:

You dropped your phone in the toilet. :) I swear you
are absolutely the loveliest person I know.

I think I'll have a place to stay, (my friends booked
a hotel room downtown...) but if I don't I'll need
your help. Of course, I don't want to be an
inconvenience, so let me know again if it's cool.

In other news:

I got into a fight with my parents (more specifically
my father) and am currently homeless.
My friend Jay has been kind enough to let me stay at
his apartment for the time being while I try to get
back on my feet.

Put simply and with as little drama as possible, my
father lost his temper for no rational reason and
caught me at a moment when I didn't want to placate
him. He was unequivocally wrong, knows it, and is too
proud to apologize.

My parents have always fallen back on the idea that
their higher status as parents in the traditional
Chinese filial piety hierarchy allows them to be free
of responsibility for what they do (i.e. They've got
an endless quantity of diplomatic immunity passports).
Ironically, their abuse of the relationship has
reversed what I perceive to be the natural order of
things, by requiring a standard of maturity and
rationality out of me that they don't require of

I'll admit to losing my temper as well, but only after
the fact and in response to his tantrum. Its really
stupid, but I really had no choice but to move out of
the house.

Not that I wasn't planning to. I suppose this just
expedites things a bit. Nonetheless, I've been
uprooted. All of this is to say that I'm homeless,
jobless and broke. I'm debating whether or not to join
the military... HA HA HA

I'd love to write for the magazine. My only excuse
(and it's a pretty good one) is that my current
circumstances have made it pretty difficult for me to
write. I need to find a job right now....

Chris Tsai