Monday, January 16, 2006

Black Table Update, Part 2

So, I gather that the Black Table will stop publishing because of the reasons given below. I was hoping there was some juicy insider reason that the underground lit site was discontinuing its reign, but I guess it's just as simple as the founding editors having been successful securing gainful jobs, being low on free time, etc...

Anyhow, they are having a farewell party Friday, January 27th here in NYC. I'll be there. Evidently, so will M.

M is supposed to stay with me. D isn't having it. I understand where he's coming from, so I will have to let M know. M will be at the Black Table party regardless. So will D and I.

I like where M and I are at this point. We have a lot of similar interests, but certainly have no business dating. We've come to terms with that (I imagine he before me). I would love to remain in contact with him. He's incredibly intelligent and has admirable insight. Plus, he tends to like my writing. I can't hate someone with such refined taste.

I just have to convince D that I am not at all interested in M. I'm really not.