Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Am I on Crack? Let's Explore.

My boss is out of town. This makes me very happy. I must be a little too happy, though, because I've had one person accuse me of being on crack; another simply ask me if I was, in fact, on crack; and a final one comment "Oh Lord," in response to my over-excitement about a minor update to our website.

Maybe I am just usually a sourpuss and I'm actually being pleasant today, because asking someone how their day's going should not elicit the following:

Me: how is your day going?
The Skeeze: YOU ON CRACK?
Me: What? Why?
The Skeeze: Ha, ha. It's fine
The Skeeze: you just sound very mr rogers

Then there was our web designer:

Web Designer: Okay, refresh your screen
Me: A tear is falling from my eye. It's gorgeous
Me: So you can press the link or the image?
Web Designer: either or
Me: how beautiful!
Web Designer: oh lord
Me: hahaha. my friend called me "Mr Rogers" today
Web Designer: at least you're easy to please

Finally, there was my colleague who said she was ordering diet pills (because Britney Spears evidently used them successfully).

"What is ephedrine?" she asked.

I told her it was the stuff that makes you all shaky and that it decreases your appetite. I told her I loved ephedrine, but that it didn't look like there was any in the pills she was looking at.

She said she'd order them and try them. If they make her all shaky, she'll discontinue use.

I told her that if they do make her shaky, she can give them to me. "I love being all shaky!"

Her reply? "You're on Crack."

I swear; my boss being out of the office is the best drug on the market. I wish I could bottle it.

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