Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Give Me a Break

I initially called Adobe's customer service line today to complain that I was having trouble registering my new Dreamweaver, but ended up instead complaining about being transfered five times. I don't need to go into the details about how every new "service specialist" needed me to verify my name, address, email and problem, so I won't.

The point of this ultimately pointless blurb is thus:

Specialist number three, as he was diddling with my profile, was shamelessly singing the Kit Kat theme song.

"Give me a break, Give me a break..."

Subtle, dude.
I know I'm annoying, but sheesh, give ME a break.


bufflo said...

You know how to use Dreamweaver? I don't believe you!

Gigi said...

Welcome back, bufflo.

Don't be jealous of my skills.

copyranter said...

I imagine all tech reps eat something chocolaty on their 15 minute breaks while reading silver surfer comics.