Friday, December 30, 2005

Lauren is getting Married. Anabeth is getting Married. Hooray.

Two of my bestfriends are getting married. Lauren is getting married to Kole in September. Anabeth to Josh in May. I take full credit for Lauren and Kole. I have never met Josh, although I gather he's real nice and stuff.

But enough about them and that. I am Lauren's maid of honor and one of Anabeth's bridesmaids. Life is good. They both know this is important to me because one of my ex-bestfriends, Emily, got married the year we all graduated, and had the nerve to not put me in her wedding. This was particularly annoying because she had about 80 bridesmaids, whom she seemingly pulled out of the woodwork. I'd never even heard pf some of them, yet there they were in their gaudy faux-satin dresses and big, classy - yet bordering on white trash - hairdos. Needless to say, I haven't spoken to Emily since her wedding. When she later called me to find out good places to live in San Diego, I decided not to call her back. Then I dropped my phone in the toilet and lost all of my phone numbers. The rest is history, as it goes.

Long story short: Put me in your wedding or die.